Vector V2 (11.1v) - Gel Blaster
Vector V2 (11.1v) - Gel Blaster
Vector V2 (11.1v) - Gel Blaster
Vector V2 (11.1v) - Gel Blaster

Vector V2 (11.1v) - Gel Blaster

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Vector V2 (11.1v) - Gel Blaster

$190.00 $171.00

The Vector V2 was the first every blaster to come standard with a Mosfet. This is a game changer as it allows it to fire three round burst from the box. It's wide range of customisation and upgradability has made it an absolute crowd favourite and no one regrets purchasing a Vector V2.

  1. Full Nylon Construction
  2. Well designed/ Attention to Detail/ Quality Build
  3. Next Gen High Performance V2 Style Gearbox
  4. Silent /Muzzled Firing (Construction Benefit)
  5. Magazine Fed
  6. Magazine Primer
  7. 3 Firing Modes: Single, 3-Shot Burst, and Full Auto
  8. Up to 15 High-Speed Rounds per Second
  9. Approximately 25m Shooting Distance
  10. Foldable and Removable Stock
  11. Vertical Foregrip
  12. Tactical LED Flashlight
  13. Tactical Red Dot Laser Sight
  14. Holographic Sight
  15. Iron sights
  16. Optional Sling Attachment Included

Uses 7mm - 8mm Gel Balls

Firing Power

Up to 240 Feet Per Second

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