"Sunset Hills" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)

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"Sunset Hills" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)


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    Welcome to the "Sunset Hills" Retro Arms competition blaster. Sporting the custom V2 GBU receiver paired with a fully worked RetroArms gearbox, this blaster is one of the most powerful on our website. Coming in with a shooting power of 360+ feet per second and great accuracy, we cannot recommend this custom enough.

    The Sunet Hills has a list of custom parts that will overwhelm you. The performance will blow you away and in comparison to other modified basters in the game, this is a level above the rest.

    View the spec list below for your full debrief.

    Garner Reviews - Sunset Hills

    • GBU Custom V2 Receiver
    • Keymod 15" Alloy Handguard
    • Retro Arms V2 Gearbox Shell (Cerakote Black)
    • Retro Arms One Piece Cylinder
    • Retro Arms Adjustable Alloy Nozzle
    • Retro Arms Piston head (POM) High Flow
    • Retro Arms Reverse Latch
    • Retro Arms Selector Plate
    • Retro Arms Alloy Speed Trigger
    • SHS Piston 
    • SHS 18:1 Carbon Steel Gearset
    • SHS M120 Compression Spring
    • SHS High Torque Motor
    • HSG Tappet Plate
    • Red Alloy T Piece
    • GBU Pro Series Stainless Steel Barrel 30cm
    • SLR Outer Barrel Kit 
    • Hydra Barrel Adaptor
    • M16 Nylon Buttstock
    • Blackwater Alloy Suppressor 
    • Aimpoint Alloy Red Dot Sight
    • Leviathan FCU Programmable Mosfet 
    Package Contents

    1 x 11.1v High Discharge Battery 
    1 x Gel Blaster Magazines
    2 x Ultra Elite Gel Balls
    1 x B3 Balance Battery Charger 
    2 x GBU Custom Magazine Bands 

    Fire Power

    - 330-357 Feet Per Second (FPS)
    - 32 Round Per Second (RPS)

"Sunset Hills" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Sunset Hills" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Sunset Hills" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Sunset Hills" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Sunset Hills" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)