HPA "Sporty" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (ARP9)

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HPA "Sporty" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (ARP9)


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    This is the "Sporty" ARP9 HPA custom blaster. This blaster is nothing short of perfect from top to bottom inside and out to say the least! This is. HPA blaster which is (High Pressure Air) with practically a paintball marker set up. 

    With this blaster you will have an air tank and airline which is how this blaster is powered.

    Running a full Jack V2 Polarstar engine and a full HPA kit to ensure this blaster is directly plug and play without having to source anything else to make it function.

    Sporting a lightweight nylon construction paired with a very high performing shooting power we cannot recommend this blaster enough!

    Coming in with a shooting power of 300+ feet per second makes this ARP9 platform one of the most dynamic and accurate HPA blaster on the market. 

    Blaster Features
    • Alloy 7.5mm Barrel
    • 7.4v Battery 
    • ARP9 Base Model Blaster
    • Jack V2 Polarstar Engine
    • Python Nylon Foregrip
    • Blackwater Suppressor
    • GBU HPA Speed Trigger
    • Alloy Adjustable Hop Up 
    • Red V2 Nylon Gearbox
    • Gladiatair A48 Alloy Tank
    • Polarstar 42" Braided Airline
    • MR Polarstar Regulator
      Firing Power

      300+  Feet Per Second (FPS)

      Package Includes

      1 x "Sporty" Custom HPA Blaster
      1 x Micro Regulator
      1 x A48 Alloy Tank 
      1 x Turnigy Battery 
      6 x Rubber GBU Mag Bands

    HPA "Sporty" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (ARP9)HPA "Sporty" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (ARP9)HPA "Sporty" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (ARP9)HPA "Sporty" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (ARP9)HPA "Sporty" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (ARP9)HPA "Sporty" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (ARP9)