"Spitfire" Custom GBU Hi-Capa 4.3 Gas Pistol - Gel Blaster

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"Spitfire" Custom GBU Hi-Capa 4.3 Gas Pistol - Gel Blaster


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    The "Spitfire" custom build is absolutely perfect. Sporting the custom cut-out slide with GBU custom accessories this pistol screams custom at first glance. Not to mention the customised internal performance taking this pistol from stock to fully worked, giving you the best performance in gel blaster Hi-Capa's.

    Featuring a custom painted slide and a maxed out modification, this pistol is a collectors dream.

    If you are chasing power, performance and uniqueness then look no further, the custom "Spitfire" is the blaster for you! 

    Video Review

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    Blaster Features
    1. Green Gas Powered Magazine (Compatible with CO2 Magazines when available)
    2. Full Metal Body
    3. GBU Custom Magwel 
    4. Full CNC Metal Slide (Cut-Out) (Custom Painted)
    5. Upgraded GBU NP1 Nozzle Spring
    6. GBU Custom Series Mag Base
    7. GBU Custom Series Stainless Steel Slide Catch 
    8. GBU Custom Series Outer Barrel
    9. Extreme Blowback Power
    10. Realistic Weight
    11. Realistic Trigger Safety System

    For extra magazines, click this link: https://www.gelballundercover.com.au/collections/gas-gel-blaster-parts-gel-ball-undercover/products/golden-eagle-green-gas-double-stack-gel-blaster-magazine

    Fire Power

    Around 290+ FPS (Feet Per Second)

    Care and Maintenance

    How to Care for Your Gas Pistol

"Spitfire" Custom GBU Hi-Capa 4.3 Gas Pistol - Gel Blaster"Spitfire" Custom GBU Hi-Capa 4.3 Gas Pistol - Gel Blaster