"Rainbow Trip" Custom GBU Pistol - Gel Blaster

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"Rainbow Trip" Custom GBU Pistol - Gel Blaster


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    If you are looking for performance and Range then look no further, the "Rainbow Trip" 5.1 custom is a beautiful pistol built for high performance and functionality. With a GBU custom outer barrel, custom stippled grip and ultimate performance we are sure you will not be disappointed.

    This certain pistol is a new platform to hit the Australian market branded "Armourer Works". All our GBU pistols are built with precision and attention to detail, from every spring to magazine modifications to guarantee perfect performance each and every shot. 

    This particular custom has the full oil slick accent kit and looks absolutely insane!

    With a shooting power of 295+ feet per second and a sensitive trigger for fast shots, you will be unstoppable at your next event!

    • Solid Metal Slide 
    • Smooth quick Action Mag Release
    • GBU 180% Nozzle Spring 
    • GBU Striker Magwell
    • GBU 45% Recoil Spring
    • GBU Cocking Handle 
    • GBU T4 Alloy Speed Trigger
    • GBU Extended Mag Release
    • GBU Custom Grip Screws
    • GBU Custom Hammer
    • GBU Custom Barrel
    • Nineball Magazine Gas Route 
    • GBU Custom Alloy Outer Barrel
    • Metal Green Gas Magazine
    Firing Power

    295+ Feet Per Second (FPS)

    Care and Maintenance

    How to Care for Your Gas Pistol

"Rainbow Trip" Custom GBU Pistol - Gel Blaster"Rainbow Trip" Custom GBU Pistol - Gel Blaster"Rainbow Trip" Custom GBU Pistol - Gel Blaster