"Over-Spray" Green Gas MP5K - Gel Blaster
"Over-Spray" Green Gas MP5K - Gel Blaster
"Over-Spray" Green Gas MP5K - Gel Blaster
"Over-Spray" Green Gas MP5K - Gel Blaster

"Over-Spray" Green Gas MP5K - Gel Blaster

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"Over-Spray" Green Gas MP5K - Gel Blaster


This is the custom "Over-Spray" the first ever custom painted MP5 we have ever done! punching at a solid 370 feet per second with a solid feel and perfect for CQB domination makes this MP5 something special when out on the field.

The performance of this blaster is scary, from the fire rate to the short stroke kit, which increases fire rate and the trigger cycle. This blaster also comes with the custom top rail and red dot sight. This solid beast is made of a strong nylon and has a metal green gas magazine, it is truly a beautiful piece.

Garner Reviews - Green Gas MP5K

Blaster Features
  • Full Solid Nylon Construction 
  • Custom GBU Alloy CNC Suppressor
  • AKA Alloy Hop Up 
  • Cowcow Hammer Power Regulator Spring
  • Extended Alloy Barrel 
  • Custom Painted Receiver 
  • Highly Detailed and Robust Feel with Real Cock-Back Function
  • Green Gas Magazine Fed Design
  • Metal 14mm Reverse Threaded End 
  • Select Fire (Safe, Semi, Full Auto)
  • Realistic Blowback Feature
  • Ambidextrous Fire Selector Switch
  • Metal Inner and Outer Barrel
  • Iron Sight
  • Magazine Capacity 20-23 Gels 
Package Includes

1 x New WELL MP5K "Over-Spray" - Tactical Gel Blaster
1 x Stick Green Gas Magazine
1 x Safety Glasses

Fire Power

 Velocity: Up To 370 (FPS) Feet Per Second

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