"Nomad" GBU Custom (Metal) - Gel Blaster

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"Nomad" GBU Custom (Metal) - Gel Blaster


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    This is the "Nomad" custom CQB blaster. A beautiful combination of art & performance which as you can see from the photos, is a pure standout from the rest.

    This custom build has been thoroughly thought out and processed with each colour and aesthetic added to make this masterpiece something that cannot be imitated or repeated.

    It has already installed, a Leviathan V2 Mosfet installed (with bluetooth statistics of the blaster right to your phone) and an SHS high torque motor to give it the best possible performance. With a 7.4v battery, this bad boy is pumping at an insane 340 FPS with 24 rounds per second fire rate. The trigger sensitivity is unbelievably nice and the accuracy is like a laser.

    Blaster Features
    1. GBU Custom V2 Receiver
    2. Midwest Industries Handguard
    3. SLR Outer Barrel Kit
    4. MK Tactical V2 Modular Gearbox Shell 
    5. SHS High Torque Motor
    6. Leviathan V2 Mosfet
    7. RetroArms Bolt Catch
    8. RetroArms Fire Selector
    9. RetroArms Speed Trigger
    10. Metal Suppressor
    11. CNC Alloy Strike Skeletal Stock
    12. 13:1 Super Hardened SHS Gears + Full SHS Internals
    13. SHS Upgraded M120 Spring
    14. Magpul Polymer Pistol Grip
    15. X Power Alloy Buffer Tube
    16. 7.4V High Discharge Battery
    17. Alloy Inner Barrel
    Package Includes

    1 x Brand New "Nomad" GBU Custom Gel Blaster 
    1 x Gel Ball Magazine 
    1 x Safety Glasses
    1 x 7.4v Deans Connection High Discharge Battery

    Firing Power

    Firing 340+ feet per second (FPS)
    24 rounds per second (RPS)

"Nomad" GBU Custom (Metal) - Gel Blaster"Nomad" GBU Custom (Metal) - Gel Blaster"Nomad" GBU Custom (Metal) - Gel Blaster"Nomad" GBU Custom (Metal) - Gel Blaster"Nomad" GBU Custom (Metal) - Gel Blaster"Nomad" GBU Custom (Metal) - Gel Blaster