"MP5 Suburban" Green Gas MP5K - Gel Blaster

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"MP5 Suburban" Green Gas MP5K - Gel Blaster

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    This is the custom "MP5 Suburban" a beautiful little CQB or open field custom with perfect performance. This little beast carries a KSC alloy suppressor and the L-Tech Nylon buttstock for that unique look. This MP5 also has an insane fire rate that will absolutely dominate your opponent both with sound and power.

    This solid gel blaster is made of a strong nylon and has a metal green gas magazine with an EXTREMELY fast fire rate, which will leave you speechless. Alongside this amazing innovation was the goal of keeping there blaster as close as possible to the real thing.

    These are made to order online and in-store and will require an additional 24-48 Hours once order has been processed.

     Garner Reviews - Green Gas MP5K

    Blaster Features
    • Full Solid Nylon Construction 
    • KSC Alloy Suppressor
    • AKA Alloy Hop Up 
    • L-Tech Nylon Buttstock
    • Extended Alloy barrel 
    • Highly Detailed and Robust Feel with Real Cock-Back Function
    • Green Gas Magazine Fed Design
    • Metal 14mm Reverse Threaded End 
    • Select Fire (Safe, Semi, Full Auto)
    • Realistic Blow Back Feature
    • Metal Sling Mount
    • Ambidextrous Fire Select Switch
    • Metal Inner and Outer Barrel
    • Iron Sight
    • Magazine Capacity 20-23 Gels 
    Package Includes

    1 x New Custom "MP5 Suburban" MP5 Green Gas Gel Blaster
    1 x Stick Green Gas Magazine
    1 x Safety Glasses
    1 x Puff Dino Green Gas 12g

    Fire Power

    Velocity: Up To 340 (FPS) Feet Per Second

"MP5 Suburban" Green Gas MP5K - Gel Blaster"MP5 Suburban" Green Gas MP5K - Gel Blaster