M4A1 Gen 9 - Gel Blaster (Stage 1 Upgrade)

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M4A1 Gen 9 - Gel Blaster (Stage 1 Upgrade)


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    The M4A1 Gen 9 was the pillar for modifications internally in the gel ball world. The first to scratch the surface of the V2 gearbox, the Gen 9 still to this day has a cult following of players that believe it is the best base blaster.

    This Gen 9 M4A1 Stage 1 has had our technicians tune and upgrade it to the point where it is one of the most powerful sleepers on the market (sleeper meaning it looks stock but hits like a $1,000 blaster).

    With a hop up, and you will get almost 30m+ in distance!

    Blaster Features
    1. Full Nylon JinMing V2 Gearbox with Stage 1 Upgrade
    2. Upgrades Include: M90 Spring, Metal Barrel, New T-Piece, Green O-Ring, Anti-Reverse Latch spring.
    3. Well Balanced Weight
    4. Magazine Fed Design
    5. Select Fire (Safe, Semi and Full Auto)
    6. Fixed Front Triangle Sight
    7. Adjustable Stock Length
    8. Sling Attachment
    9. Nylon Carry Handle
    10. Charging Handle Opens Dust Cover
    11. Removable Flash Hider
    12. Construction: Nylon
    In The Box

    1 x M4A1 Gen 9 Stage 1 Custom Blaster
    1 x Gel Ball Magazine
    1 x Orange Plastic Flash Hider
    1 x 11.1v High Discharge Battery
    1 x USB Battery Charger
    1 x Safety Glasses

    Firing Power

    Velocity: Up to 320 Feet Per Second (FPS)

M4A1 Gen 9 - Gel Blaster (Stage 1 Upgrade)M4A1 Gen 9 - Gel Blaster (Stage 1 Upgrade)M4A1 Gen 9 - Gel Blaster (Stage 1 Upgrade)