"Litty" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)

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"Litty" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)


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    The "Litty" Custom is a smooth looking and insanely high performing custom blaster to say the least. This custom has red alloy accents to give it an aggressive impression then paired with an insane 30k Infinity motor to really show off its capacity. Running a fully modified custom metal gearbox with competition internals makes this custom a perfect addition if you are looking for something both super fast and powerful.

    Blaster Features
    • Full Metal V2 Receiver
    • Midwest Industries 10" Alloy Handguard
    • SLR outer barrel Kit
    • Tienly 30k Infinity Motor
    • Heat Treated Flash Hider
    • Daniel Defence Nylon Buttstock 
    • 13:1 Carbon Steel SHS Gearset Ratio
    • Full Stage 3 Competition Gearbox Modification
    • SHS Upgraded M120 Spring
    • Magpul Polymer Pistol Grip
    • X Power Alloy Buffer Tube
    • G-Mark V2 Metal Trigger
    • RetroArms Alloy Red Bolt Catch
    • M4 Magazine
    • HSG Alloy Dropstock Adaptor
    • 7.4V High Discharge Battery
    • Alloy Inner Barrel
    Package Includes

    1 x Brand New "Litty" GBU Custom Gel Blaster 
    1 x Gel Ball Magazine 
    1 x AKA Alloy Hop Up
    1 x 7.4v battery 
    2 x GBU Custom Mag Bands
    1 x B3  Balance Charger

    Firing Power

    Firing 320+ feet per second (FPS)
    30 rounds per second on 11.1v Or 19-22 Rounds per second on 7.4v (RPS)


    Note* Using an 11.1v battery within the 14 day custom blaster warranty will void your warranty completely.

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