LCD Screen Precision Chronograph

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LCD Screen Precision Chronograph

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    This screen precision chronograph measures the FPS and fire rate of your gel blaster. Perfect for those who are modifying their blaster - or planning to head out to an FPS-capped field for a game! 

    Lightweight, portable, and made of high quality ABS material. The chronograph has numerous features/functions, and offers users a multitude of accessible data and information.

    It comes stock with the tripod stand, and features a bluetooth mobile data syncing app (supported on IOS and Android systems), a UNR 372U accuracy chip, an LCD screen display and USB charging. 

    1. Measures FPS and Rate of Fire 
    2. Made from High Quality ABS Material
    3. Bluetooth Mobile Data Syncing App 
    4. UNR372U Accuracy Chip
    5. LCD Screen Display
    6. Comes with the tripod 
LCD Screen Precision ChronographLCD Screen Precision Chronograph