"Kobra" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster

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"Kobra" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster

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    This is the "Kobra" HPA custom blaster by GBU. One of the most aggressive and stylish blasters representing the MilSim genre.

    With a beautiful full metal construction and a unique and aggressive look, this blaster is one of a kind in so many ways.

    Being a simple built, yet this blaster will put fear into your opponents eyes whenever your'e out on the playing field.

    Sporting the HPA engine "Jack V2" this blaster has a shooting power of 330-350+ feet per second with a laser like accuracy with is perfect for larger fields to get that perfect range over your enemies!

    HPA stands for (*HIGH PRESSURE AIR) and is powered by an air tank similar to a paintball gun. The HPA set up is the latest platform for gel blasters and indeed is the top end of the gel blaster world.

    If you are looking for performance and style then look no further, the custom "Kobra" is the blaster for you.

    This is a full kit plug and play straight out of the box! No need for extra purchases.

    Blaster Features
    • Jack V2 HPA Engine
    • Professionally Tuned
    • Metal Outer Barrel
    • Full Metal Construction
    • Metal V2 Receiver
    • Custom GBU HPA Adjustable Trigger
    • Metal 10" Troy Handguard
    • Aluminium Troy Industries Suppressors
    • M16 Nylon Buttstock 
    • Trijison Metal Red Dot Sight 
    • GBU Custom Suppressor 
    • Rizer Adjustable Hop Up
      Firing Power

      320-350+ Feet Per Second (FPS)

      Package Contents

      1 x "Kobra" Custom HPA Blaster
      1 x Mag Band
      1 x 7.4v 2s Turnigy Battery
      1 x Polarstar 36" Airline

    "Kobra" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster"Kobra" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster"Kobra" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster"Kobra" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster"Kobra" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster