"Infinity" Custom HPA Pistol Kit - Gel Blaster (Metal)

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"Infinity" Custom HPA Pistol Kit - Gel Blaster (Metal)

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    This is the all new custom "Inifinity" speedball Hi-Capa pistol kit. This is a nice clean build built for long term gameplay and aggressive use.

    Featuring a fully customised Hi-Capa pistol grip that has been custom stippled and has a pokemon style vinyl to make this blaster stand out above the rest.

    Sporting a GBU enhanced recoil Spring and nozzle spring gives this pistol a solid shooting power of up to 340 feet per second.

    This GBU custom is not like any other custom on the market, its built with the highest grade parts and put together by out very own squad to ensure perfection on many levels.

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    Blaster Features
    1. GBU Custom HPA Adaptor
    2. Full MetalCustom "Infinity"  5.1 Pistol 
    3. Full CNC Metal Slide
    4. Extreme Blowback Power
    5. Realistic Weight
    6. GBU/ Cowcow Custom Stippled Grip 
    7. Aluminium Inner Barrel with Integrated Hop Up (Extremely Accurate)
    8. GBU Custom Aluminium Outer Barrel
    9. Unicorn Industries Aluminium Compensator
    10. GBU Custom Recoil Spring 150%
    11. Realistic Trigger Safety System
    12. Ergonomic Pistol Grip for Stability
    13. 1 x Shaker Mag
    Fire Power

    This pistol shoots 300-350 Feet Per Second depending on PSI Level.

    Care and Maintenance

    How to Care for Your Gas Pistol

"Infinity" Custom HPA Pistol Kit  - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Infinity" Custom HPA Pistol Kit  - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Infinity" Custom HPA Pistol Kit  - Gel Blaster (Metal)