LDT HK416D - Gel Blaster

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LDT HK416D - Gel Blaster

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    The HK416D by LDT Warinterest was, and still is, one of the highest quality nylon blasters from the box. To come standard with a rifle bag alone is amazing value, but the potential of this blaster blows any expectations out of the water. Solid from the box and even more solid with upgrades. You will not regret getting a HK416D!

    Blaster Features
    1. Full Nylon LDT Warinterest Gearbox with 18:1 Gears and 1.2mm Spring
    2. Highest Quality Materials and Craftsmanship
    3. Solid and Well Distributed Weight
    4. Magazine Fed Design
    5. 2-Piece Split Receiver
    6. Select Fire (Safe, Semi and Full Auto)
    7. Light Up Holographic-Style Sight
    8. Adjustable Stock Length
    9. 20mm Picatinny Railing for Attachments
    10. Metal Charging Handle Opens Dust Cover
    11. Factory Fitted Z2Z Adjustable Hop Up
    12. Removable Flash Hider
    13. Metal Inner and Outer Barrel
    14. Metal Buffer Tube
    15. Construction: Nylon with Metal Components
    In The Box

    1 x New Warinterest LDT HK416D Gel Blaster Toy Gun
    1 x High Quality Full-Length HK Padded Carry Bag with Pockets, Elastic Loops and Zip Pocket
    1 x Safety Glasses
    1 x Gel Ball Magazine
    1 x Flash Hider
    1 x Light Up Holographic-Style Sight
    2 x AAA Batteries

    1 x 7.4V Li-on Rechargeable Battery
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x Starter Gel Pack

    Fire Power

    Velocity: 250-260 Feet Per Second (FPS)

LDT HK416D - Gel BlasterLDT HK416D - Gel BlasterLDT HK416D - Gel BlasterLDT HK416D - Gel Blaster