"Haze" GBU Custom Gas Pistol - Gel Blaster

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"Haze" GBU Custom Gas Pistol - Gel Blaster


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    This is the "Haze" GBU custom pistol. This pistol is nothing short of amazing in every way, from the external appearance to the build quality and integrity making this pistol very reliable. With a very realistic blow back feature and a shooting power of 270+ feet per second we cannot recommend this pistol anymore.

    This green gas piece is something that blows most pistols out of the water, and it's available for you right now for a limited time!

    • Solid Alloy Slide 
    • Smooth quick Action Mag Release
    • GBU Custom Outer Barrel
    • GBU Custom Trigger
    • GBU Custom Grip Screws
    • GBU Custom Hammer
    • GBU Custom 45% Recoil Spring
    • GBU Custom 180% Nozzle Spring 
    • Custom Painted Magwel
    • Alloy Outer Barrel
    • High Quality Cartel Design Polymer Receiver
    • Metal Green Gas Magazine
    Firing Power

    270 - 280 Feet Per Second (FPS)

    Care and Maintenance

    How to Care for Your Gas Pistol

"Haze" GBU Custom Gas Pistol - Gel Blaster"Haze" GBU Custom Gas Pistol - Gel Blaster