Green Gas MP5K PDW - Gel Blaster

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Green Gas MP5K PDW - Gel Blaster

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    This is the long awaited MP5K PDW Green Gas operated SMG Gel Blaster. It is one of the latest innovations from the WELL company, who produce some of the most insane gel blasters. This Variant of the MP5 is the PDW which is the Tactical edition.

    This absolutely solid gel blaster is made of a strong nylon and has a metal green gas magazine with an EXTREMELY fast fire rate, which will leave you speechless. Alongside this amazing innovation was the goal of keeping there blaster as close as possible to the real thing. With the real cock-back features and all the aesthetic looks of the real deal. All in all this blaster is amazing, affordable and just pure fun. Spec list below.

    Garner Reviews - Green Gas MP5K PDW

    Blaster Features
    1. Full Solid Nylon Construction 
    2. Nylon Tactical Rail 20mm Picatinny
    3. Highly Detailed and Robust Feel with Real Cock-Back Function
    4. Green Gas Magazine Fed Design
    5. Tactical Nylon Buttstock & Buffer Tube
    6. Metal 14mm Reverse Threaded End 
    7. Select Fire (Safe, Semi, Full Auto)
    8. Realistic Blow Back Feature
    9. Metal Sling Mount
    10. Ambidextrous Fire Select Switch
    11. Metal Inner and Outer Barrel
    12. Iron Sight
    13. Magazine Capacity 20-23 Gels 
    In The Box

    1 x New WELL MP5K Gel Blaster
    1 x Stick Green Gas Magazine
    1 x Safety Glasses

    Fire Power

    Velocity: Up To 300 (FPS) Feet Per Second

    Extra Magazines

    Click HERE

Green Gas MP5K PDW - Gel BlasterGreen Gas MP5K PDW - Gel BlasterGreen Gas MP5K PDW - Gel BlasterGreen Gas MP5K PDW - Gel BlasterGreen Gas MP5K PDW - Gel BlasterGreen Gas MP5K PDW - Gel Blaster