GBU Pistol Pro Stainless Steel Competition Barrel

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Size - 12cm (Standard)

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GBU Pistol Pro Stainless Steel Competition Barrel


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    Finally, the best performance stainless steel pistol barrels are here. We have locally manufactured these, sparring no cost at all. Perfectly sized with 7.5 mm inner diameter with a seam running along g the inside of the barrel to increase accuracy.

    How To Install

    How to Install your Pro Stainless Steel Pistol Barrel

    Performance and Features

    The weight of the Stainless removes all vibrations throughout the barrel whilst shooting to improve accuracy and consistency in your FPS (Feet Per Second). Our GBU Pro barrels are designed to increase your Feet Per Second by at least 15% which makes this the easiest and most effective upgrade to your blaster, without going into the gearbox.

    Another feature we have finalised through testing is the seam inside the barrel, if you look down it you will see a seam running directly from top to bottom of the barrel. When installing this barrel, to increase accuracy make sure the seam is at the top as it adds accuracy to your shots.

    We are confident these are what you are looking for, if you are looking for the best.


    - Inner Diameter  6.75mm
    - Outer Diameter 9.5mm
    - Stainless Steel 
    - Up To 15% FPS Increase 
    - Seam inside barrel, point to top for increased accuracy

    Necessary Modifications 

    Due to the nature of a universal barrel there is some very minor modifications to suite both WEtech and GE platforms.

    For the GE model pistols you will need to open the barrel housing and on the inside you will the a tab on each side of the housing where the pistol sits. You will need to grind out both tabs in order for the barrel to sit flush inside the housing. For further information please contact us.

    For the WE model pistols the rubber bucking will seem loose when put over the barrel, so in this case you will need to put some electrical tape around the rear end of the barrel, just enough for the rubber bucking to be tight enough to sit on the barrel. For further information please contact us.

GBU Pistol Pro Stainless Steel Competition BarrelGBU Pistol Pro Stainless Steel Competition Barrel