GBU "Infinity" Speed Cannon (Skeley)

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GBU "Infinity" Speed Cannon (Skeley)

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    These are the new line of GBU Infinity cannons. These cannons are a super lightweight cannon to fit to the front of your custom build to give you the ultimate advantage. Now in 4 different styles and colours to choose from and some sick new patterns we are proud to release these out in the wild! 

    If you're an owner of our original cannons you can mix and match as they are all compatible with each other, you can also mix and match bases with your mates.

    Made of 7075 Aluminium and precision machining for the ultimate speedball product the GBU "Infinity" series speed cannons are definitely the hottest product on the market.


    • 19.5cm Total Length
    • CNC Alloy 7075
    • M4 Receiver compatible clockwise thread.
    • Both tube and adaptor clockwise thread
    • Bored out Tube for Noise Amplification

    • Standard V2 M4 Receivers
    • Retro Arms Receivers
    • Wells Receivers 
    • HK416D 
    • CYMA M4 Receiver
    • ARP9 Receiver 
    • Most V2 Receivers

GBU "Infinity" Speed Cannon (Skeley)GBU "Infinity" Speed Cannon (Skeley)GBU "Infinity" Speed Cannon (Skeley)GBU "Infinity" Speed Cannon (Skeley)GBU "Infinity" Speed Cannon (Skeley)