GBU Custom Hi-Capa Enhanced Performance Kit

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GBU Custom Hi-Capa Enhanced Performance Kit

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    This is the GBU Hi-Capa enhanced performance kit. This kit is a high end upgrade for most pistol brands to give you a stronger, reliable and all round solid performing Hi-Capa. 

    Featuring stainless steel/ 7075 aluminium internal parts to ensure durability gives you the confidence you expect from swapping stock parts for the highest end parts available on the market. 

    Package Contents

    1. Aluminium 7075 Firing Pin Lock
    2. Stainless Steel IP1 Disconnector 
    3. Stainless Steel Enhanced Hammer Strut
    4. Lightweight Aluminium High Flow Nozzle Valve & Spring

    1. Precision CNC Machined Aluminium & Stainless Steel Construction
    2. Improved Durability
    3. Polished to Minimise Friction
    4. Improved Trigger Feel
    5. Suitable for Marui Hi-Capa
GBU Custom Hi-Capa Enhanced Performance Kit