GBU #02 Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)

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GBU #02 Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)


The “GBU Custom #02” is the second custom released with our very own manufactured V2 receivers. This Metal M4 rifle built by our experienced GBU technicians gives you everything you need in a single rifle. A killer 11" Freedom Full Metal Handguard paired with a GBU Custom Receiver, Metal Suppressor and Aimpoint sight.

Garner Reviews GBU #02 Custom

Blaster Features
  1. 13:1 Ratio SHS Super Hardened Gears
  2. New M160 Chi-Hai Motor
  3. V2 Metal Gearbox
  4. M120 Spring
  5. V2 Custom Trigger
  6. Bruisemaster Custom Barrel
  7. Aimpoint Red Dot Sight
  8. Magpul M4 Buttstock
  9. X Power Metal Buffer Tube
  10. Carbon Fibre Green Amplifier
  11. 11” Freedom Full Metal Handguard
  12. Wolverine Metal Suppressor
  13. Metal Barrel Assembly
  14. Troy Industries Buffer Tube Sling QD
  15. CAA Polymer Pistol grip
  16. Upgraded V2 Alloy Trigger
  17. Mini Tamiya Connection
Package Includes

1 x Brand New "GBU Custom 02" Metal Gel Blaster 
1 x Gel Ball Magazine 
1 x Battery & Charger

1 x Wolverine Metal Suppressor

1 x Aimpoint Alloy Red Dot Sight

Firing Power

Firing 360+ feet per second (FPS)

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