"Dragon-Capa" GBU Custom Pistol - (Gel Blaster)

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"Dragon-Capa" GBU Custom Pistol - (Gel Blaster)


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    This is the "Dragon-Capa" Custom GBU pistol. A Dragonball Z themed pistol featuring a gold, red and black colour scheme for the ultimate aesthetic.

    Not only does this pistol look absolutely insane it actually has an amazing performance and is loaded with all our custom upgraded pistol parts.

    With a shooting power of 300+ feet per second and a full upgraded GBU spring kit makes this pistol perfect for competition gameplay.

    If you are after unique and high performing then this is definitely the pistol for you.

    • Solid Alloy Slide 
    • Smooth quick Action Mag Release
    • GBU Custom Outer Barrel
    • GBU Custom Trigger
    • Cowcow DOTAC Alloy Mag Base
    • GBU Striker Alloy Magwell
    • GBU Suppressor adaptor / Fire Cape
    • GBU Custom Hammer
    • Cowcow Custom Grip
    • GBU Custom 45% Recoil Spring
    • GBU Custom 180% Nozzle Spring 
    • Nineball Gas Route 
    • Metal Green Gas Magazine
    Firing Power

    300+ Feet Per Second (FPS)

    Care and Maintenance

    How to Care for Your Gas Pistol

"Dragon-Capa" GBU Custom Pistol - (Gel Blaster)"Dragon-Capa" GBU Custom Pistol - (Gel Blaster)"Dragon-Capa" GBU Custom Pistol - (Gel Blaster)