"Doro Doro" GBU Custom Pistol - (Gel Blaster)

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"Doro Doro" GBU Custom Pistol - (Gel Blaster)


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    This is the "Door Doro" Custom GBU pistol. A beautifully balanced Hi-Capa with a gold on black colour scheme to give you class and performance at the same time.

    Sporting the GBU pro series pistol barrel and a full GBU upgrade kit you will absolutely shocked of the performance of this custom piece.

    With a shooting power of 300+ feet per second and a full upgraded GBU spring kit makes this pistol perfect for competition gameplay.

    If you are after unique and high performing then this is definitely the pistol for you.

    • Solid Alloy Slide 
    • Smooth quick Action Mag Release
    • GBU Custom Outer Barrel
    • GBU Custom Trigger
    • GBU Custom Grip Screws
    • GBU Custom Hammer
    • Cowcow Custom Stippled Grip
    • GBU Custom 45% Recoil Spring
    • GBU Custom 180% Nozzle Spring 
    • GBU Custom T4 Cocking Handle
    • GBU Pro Series Pistol Barrel
    • Nineball Gas Route 
    • Metal Green Gas Magazine
    Firing Power

    300+ Feet Per Second (FPS)

    Care and Maintenance

    How to Care for Your Gas Pistol

"Doro Doro" GBU Custom Pistol - (Gel Blaster)"Doro Doro" GBU Custom Pistol - (Gel Blaster)"Doro Doro" GBU Custom Pistol - (Gel Blaster)