CYMA Alloy V2 Gearbox

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CYMA Alloy V2 Gearbox

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    This is the latest Alloy V2 gearbox from CYMA one of the oldest and most experienced airsoft manufacturer in history, this gearbox is amazing quality and can be installed into a lot of different gel blasters with the correct combo of t piece and the minor possible receiver mods.

    1. Wired to the rear
    2. 8mm metal bushings
    3. Quick change metal spring guide
    4. mag prime function
    5. Reinforced gearbox shell (radiused front)
    6. Low resistance wiring
    7. Compatible w/ standard Tokyo Marui spec and most V2 gel blaster recievers version 2 gearbox parts and upgrades.
    8. On-board electronic trigger
    9. Manufacturer: CYMA
    1. Connector Type: mini Tamiya
    2. Compatibility: Most Version 2 gel blaster AEGs
    3. Material: Metal alloy, Low resistance wiring
CYMA Alloy V2 Gearbox