Custom "Rapido" HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)

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Custom "Rapido" HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)


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    This is the new custom "Rapido" which is latin for "Fast" or "Quick" which describes this blaster to a T!

    Sporting our GBU Custom CNC receiver and the EuroTactics grip, this is one of the highest quality HPA builds available in Australia to date. With a Polarstar Jack V2 engine and our custom HPA trigger, you will not be disappointed with the performance of this insanely unique build.

    Super sensitive trigger response, shooting power of 345 feet per second on 100 PSI and laser accurate, this will take your gameplay to a whole new level and will have heads turning whenever you rock up to a game.

    HPA is a high pressure air kit that runs off a paintball tank then into the engine solenoid which then shoots the gel. This blaster is purely run off air and a small 7.4v battery just to get your mags to prime everything else is solemnly air!

    If you are looking for an absolute beast of a blaster and want to stay ahead of the game in style then we cannot recommend this blaster enough!

    Blaster Features
    • Jack V2 HPA Engine (Tuned to Semi Fire)
    • Professionally Tuned
    • Wolverine Regulator
    • 7.4v Battery (Turnigy)
    • Rizer Alloy Hop Up
    • 1 x Gel Blaster Carry Bag 
    • 6 x Mag Bands
    • GBU Custom Speed Trigger (Very Sensitive)
    • Retro Arms 7" Powder Coated Handguard
    • GBU Custom CNC Receiver (Custom Painted)
    • RetroArms Alloy Bolt Catch
    • 3D Printed Rear Blank Off
    • RetroArms Fire Selector
    • RetroArms Alloy HPA Gearbox Shell
    • Alloy Custom GBU Amplifier/ Suppressor
    • Alloy V2 T Piece
    • Eurotactics ER.G Grip
    • 2 x EPM Nylon Magazines
    • 30,000 Ultra Elite Gels
    • NOTE: This Blaster comes with everything ready to go. (Plug and Play)
      Firing Power

      330-350 Feet Per Second (FPS) 100 PSI

    Custom "Rapido" HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)Custom "Rapido" HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)Custom "Rapido" HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)Custom "Rapido" HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)Custom "Rapido" HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)Custom "Rapido" HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)Custom "Rapido" HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)