Custom "K9ine" M4 (Metal) Gel Blaster

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Custom "K9ine" M4 (Metal) Gel Blaster


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    Welcome to the "K9ine" custom gel blaster. This is a great and solid custom blaster built for long distance and power. This blaster has an upgraded Chihai black high torque motor with an upgraded M110 compression spring to give you an unfair advantage out on the field.

    This blaster its also sporting the C-More red dot sight and CAA polymer upgraded pistol grip for the ultimate experience in the milSim style of gameplay.

    Coming in with a shooting power of 330 feet per second and a range of 35 meters, we cannot recommend this blaster enough. 

    If you are into high power, high performance and accuracy then this is definitely the blaster for you!

    Blaster Features
    • V2 Metal Gearbox Housing
    • Full Metal Internals
    • M110 SHS Upgraded Spring
    • Black Chihai High Torque Motor
    • Metal V2 Trigger
    • CAA Polymer Pistol Grip
    • Blackwater Alloy Suppressor
    • Alloy Adjustable Hop Up 
    • C-More Red Dot Sight
    • SLR Metal Handguard 
    • Tamiya Battery Connection
    • Nylon Buttstock
    • Adjustable Nylon Foregrip
    • Metal Inner and Outer Barrel
    • Wells Magazine
    • Metal V2 Receiver
    In The Box

    1 x New "K9ineGel Blaster Toy Gun
    1 x WELL Magazine
    1 x 11.1v Li-on Rechargeable Battery 
    1 x B3 Balanced Charger

    Fire Power

    Velocity: 330+ Feet Per Second (FPS)

Custom "K9ine" M4 (Metal) Gel BlasterCustom "K9ine" M4 (Metal) Gel BlasterCustom "K9ine" M4 (Metal) Gel BlasterCustom "K9ine" M4 (Metal) Gel BlasterCustom "K9ine" M4 (Metal) Gel BlasterCustom "K9ine" M4 (Metal) Gel BlasterCustom "K9ine" M4 (Metal) Gel Blaster