"M4 Nimbus" GBU Custom  - Gel Blaster (Metal)
"M4 Nimbus" GBU Custom  - Gel Blaster (Metal)
"M4 Nimbus" GBU Custom  - Gel Blaster (Metal)
"M4 Nimbus" GBU Custom  - Gel Blaster (Metal)

"M4 Nimbus" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)

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"M4 Nimbus" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)


The "M4 Nimbus" is no joke, and the price reflects that. This custom build has some of the most advanced parts and mechanics to give you exactly what you want!

Built by our GBU certified technicians, if you are looking for an all in one full metal build (spec list below), then you have found the right one. This blaster comes with a programmable FCU which allows you to set your gameplay trigger/firing system via bluetooth on your phone.

With a V2 metal gearbox and using an 7.4v high discharge battery, this bad boy is pumping at 330+ FPS. The accuracy is like a laser & the weight is perfect for CQB Gameplay.

Blaster Features
  1. Full Metal V2 Receiver
  2. Alloy CNC Hex Handguard
  3. SLR Outer Barrel Kit 
  4. SHS High Torque Motor 
  5. Alloy Sentry Ops Suppressor
  6. V2 MK Tactical CNC Gearbox Housing 
  7. 4x Alloy Flip Scope
  8. Metal Buffer Tube / Nylon Buttstock
  9. 13:1 SHS Carbon Steel Gear Set + Full Stage 3 Comp Internals
  10. M120 Spring
  11. Leviathan V2 FCU
  12. CAA Enhanced Polymer Grip
  13. Nylon Magazine
  14. 7.4V High Discharge Battery
  15. Alloy Inner Barrel
  16. V2 Retro Arms CNC Trigger
Package Includes

1 x Brand New "M4 Nimbus" GBU Custom Gel Blaster 
1 x Gel Ball Magazine 
1 x Scope
1 x 7.4v battery 
1 x USB Charger

Firing Power

Firing 330+ feet per second (FPS)
18 Rounds Per Second (RPS) 

Note* Using an 11.1v battery within the 14 day custom blaster warranty will void your warranty completely.

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