"Chubb" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)

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"Chubb" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)


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    This is the 1 of 1 custom "Chubb" HPA blaster. A very unique style of blaster with a short and compact appearance for quick and agile gameplay. 

    If you are after solid performance and a fine tuned HPA set up then look no further, this is the blaster for you 

    This blaster comes fully ready to use and you will not have to purchase anything else, though you will need to fill the airtank at your local scuba shop or closest Gelball shop with the necessary filling facility.

    Blaster Features
    • Alloy 7.5mm Barrel
    • 7.4v Turnigy Battery
    • GBU HPA Trigger
    • Metal APS Gearbox
    • Metal Handguard
    • APS Nylon Flip Sights
    • Jack V2 Polarstar Engine
    • A48 Gladiatair Alloy Tank
    • Polarstar 42" Braided Airline
    • Polarstar Micro Regulator
    • Gen 8 Magazine
      Firing Power

      300+ Feet Per Second (FPS)

      Package Includes

      1 x "Chubb" Custom HPA Blaster
      1 x A48 Alloy Tank
      1 x 42" Polarstar Airline
      1 x Polarstar Micro Regulator
      1 x HPA Battery
      1 x Gen 8 Magazine
      6 x GBU Custom Mag Bands

    "Chubb" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Chubb" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Chubb" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Chubb" GBU Custom HPA - Gel Blaster (Metal)