"Breezy" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster

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"Breezy" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster


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    Welcome to the custom ARP9 "Breezy". Another ARP for the custom range and this one is absolutely beautiful! With a Seabreeze blue colour scheme for a fresh new look paired with a stage 2 competition modification has this beast pumping at a solid 320 feet per second.

    With a fully tuneable GBU custom trigger gives you the ultimate experience of fast shots that no one can keep up with. Coming in with a shooting power of 320+ which makes it completely field legal and insanely accurate. Not only is this blaster fully geared up for maximum performance, to take it to the next level again it is running the ARP9 mosfet which makes the trigger sensitivity even faster!

    This custom blaster is based on the ARP9 base model and has been modified into a full competition ready blaster, with an intense fire rate and a very comfortable feel, you will not be dissapointed.

    If you are looking for an insane performing blaster with very unique looks and feel then look no further, this is it!

    Blaster Features
    • 18:1 Ratio Super Hardened Gears/ SHS Internals
    • Stage 2 Competition Modification
    • GBU Custom Series Trigger
    • Alloy Reflex Sight
    • XYL Active Brake Mosfet
    • M150 Gold Super Motor
    • Nylon XYL Gearbox
    • ARP9 Hop Up 
    • Custom Painted Handguard and Stock
    • Aimpoint Red Dot Sight
    • M90 Spring
    • ARP9 Magazine
    • Mini Tamiya Connections
    Package Includes

    1 x Brand New "Breezy" Gel Blaster 
    1 x Gel Ball Magazine (XYL ARP9)
    1 x 11.1v Battery
    1 x B3 Upgraded Charger

    Firing Power

    Firing 320+ feet per second (FPS) (Field Legal)

"Breezy" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster"Breezy" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster"Breezy" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster"Breezy" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster"Breezy" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster