"Darth Maul" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)

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"Darth Maul" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)


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    This is the "Darth Maul" GBU custom M4 rifle. This blaster is definitely one of a kind and we have sparred no expense at all to bring this one to life.

    Featuring a custom colour shift painted gearbox to give you an effect that has never been seen before, also to add to the aesthetic we have added a custom painted outer barrel aswel to give that real stand out effect on this unique piece.

    Sporting the Jefftron active brake V2 mosfet which increases your trigger sensitivity and there overall health of your blaster to give you a robust and reliable beast.

    With a shooting power of 370+ feet per second and a very eye catching look you will not be disappointed once you get your hands on this baby.

    if you are into something completely out of the ordinary, with an absolutely insane rate of fire then look no further this is something to turn heads at any game you attend. This is definitely the custom blaster for you!

    Blaster Features
    • Alloy 7.5mm Inner Barrel
    • 11.1v Battery 
    • 7" Shark Tactical metal handguard
    • Alloy Buffer Tube
    • Nylon M16 Buttstock
    • SHS High Torque Motor
    • Magpul Tactical Polymer Pistol Grip
    • KSC Suppressor
    • Custom Painted Outer Barrel 
    • GBU Custom Series V2 Receiver
    • Metal V2 Gearbox
    • GBU Custom Speed Trigger 
    • Jefftron Active Brake V2 
    • Alloy V2 T Piece 
    • Rizer Adjustable Hop Up 
    • Stage 3 Internal Upgrade (Carbon Steel SHS Gearset)
    • M130 SHS Upgraded Spring
      Firing Power

      370+  Feet Per Second (FPS)

      Package Includes

      1 x "Darth Maul" Custom Blaster
      1 x 11.1v Battery
      1 x B3 Balanced Charger
      1 x Wells M4 Magazine

    "Darth Maul" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Darth Maul" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Darth Maul" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Darth Maul" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Darth Maul" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)"Darth Maul" GBU Custom - Gel Blaster (Metal)