Upcoming Gel Blaster Events Aus in 2024

Upcoming Gel Blaster Events Aus in 2024

Are you looking for the next gel blaster events in Australia this year?
While we are still expected to hear more from some favourites, such as Beerwah Urban Gelsoft games and the next Hardcore Speedball (expected to be at the end of 2024 or the start of 2025), here are the events that have been confirmed for 2024 for now.

Why You Should Go To Gel Blaster Events 

Gel Blaster events are purposeful and competitive play amongst our community where participants gather and engage in simulated combat using Gel Blasters. So you can expect to come across team battles, tactical missions, and themed events that put the player in different historical or fictional situations.

Gel blaster events are competitive, which also makes them thrilling, as for players to succeed their team needs to come up with strategies, they need to communicate with each other and work in harmony to reach their goals. 

The more reliable equipment you use the better with gel blaster games as this has a huge effect on performance and enjoyment. As such, if you are looking for a gel blaster you can trust, it’s best to invest in quality equipment rather than renting it out on the event site. Need more ammo or even a custom gel blaster? Explore our range at https://www.gelballundercover.com.au/ before booking your event tickets. 

Public Gel Blaster Event - X-Periences Twin Waters, QLD

Every Saturday, Queenslanders head to X-Periences Twin Waters in the Sunshine State for a day of gel blaster fun. The event is from 1 p.m. to 5:30 p.m. with two main sessions at 1 p.m. and 3:30 p.m. 


We heavily recommend bringing your own gear (isn't that a shocker) and for a small $25 fee allows you unlimited time on the range. 


For those who do not own their own equipment, the venue offers hire packages starting from $68 that include ammo and range entry. More ammo is also available for $10. 


X-Periences Twin Waters is renowned for its gel blaster and paintballing, team-building, and public events. It is ideal for first-time to experienced players. Everyone is here to have fun; there are no boundaries, and there are no people who are too good or too bad. The community of gel blaster enthusiasts shares a high-spirited level of competitive enjoyment.


WhiteWater World 2 - Nuketown

WhiteWater World in Beenleigh (QLD) turns into a massive WWII-inspired gel blaster battleground Sunday, July 21, 2024 Being the largest event of its kind at a working theme park in the world, the one-off event will surely be an experience to remember. Show tickets are $95, and last year's rally sold out in 12 days, so book early. 


Guests will also get to explore the full WhiteWater World park in what will be one of the only paintball fields where you can play while inside a water park. This event, welcoming all generations, offers history merged with contemporary action. 


Make sure you don't miss out on Australia's biggest and best gel blaster event of the year, as limited tickets are available for a day jam-packed full of action and adventure.


Nuketown Valkyrie

Nuketown Valkyrie event is scheduled for sometime in the later in the second half of 2024. More information is due to be released around the event, but it is set to build on the huge success of WhiteWater World 2. The Viking theme will be an exciting journey through high seas of adventure like the Norse sagas. You can expect the ticket to cost the same as the WhiteWater World 2 tickets, and chances are they will be sold out almost as soon as they become available. So keep your eyes peeled for the next Nuketown gel blasting adventure. 

With the hype mounting Nuketown Valkyrie is ready to provide the next amazing gel blaster thrill with the blend of historical intrigue and modern warfare in a world apart. More details to come as the event nears.


Ultimate Speedbrawl - Every Tuesday- Brisbane

The Ultimate Speedbrawl by Gelsoft Australia is the place to be every Tuesday in June and July, a full throttle gel blaster event that is focussed on team glory. Teams of five can fight against each other in 40-minute scrims for $120, assessing strategy, skill, and teamwork. 

The good news is that they offer 4 time slots from 6:00 PM to 8:15 PM, so be sure to reserve your spot! It is this weekly event that presents a lasting challenge for both newer and older players alike, creating a sense of community that forces you to not only work together, but also against each other. 

Matches are high-energy with the structured format and time constraints, so if you are looking for an adrenalised gel blaster hit, you need to get to an Ultimate Speedbrawl event in QLD. Jump in the action at Gelsoft Australia and see if your gang has what's needed to come out on top in this action-packed speed brawl event.


WarZone Gel Blaster Events - QLD

Every Saturday, WarZone Gel Blaster Events invite players of all ages and skill levels to take part. The public event attracts the most people in a war zone sim environment. 

General open-field weekend play is $25 and special weekend events are $50. Either way, these options create an environment for the players to flex their muscles in well-coordinated skirmishing, all overseen by referees to ensure that nothing gets out of hand and that everyone goes home in one piece. 

WarZone caters to everyone from those who want to start out to experienced players looking for competition. Here too, you can choose to bring your own equipment or hire on site for a fee.


Fun Shot Fun - Public Gel Blaster Events - QLD

Fun Shot Fun in Queensland runs a range of public gel blaster events for players of all levels, including kids. 

Walk-in Weekday, Saturday and Sunday games (12:00 PM - 4:00 PM) are great for casual games, family, and beginners! 

Full "Bring Your Own" events are reserved on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights and draw the competitive crowd. Entry to your bring-your-own-equipment events is just $26. You can join in Saturday and Sunday nights events with equipment rented on site too. 

With Fun Shot Fun's wide range of activities, the schedule will have something for everyone, which is perfect for practice. 


Hopefully, this helps you stay inspired and competitive in your gel blasting hobby!

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