RX Desert Eagle V4 (Blacked Out) - Gel Blaster

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RX Desert Eagle V4 (Blacked Out) - Gel Blaster


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    A pistol that has withstood the test of time, the RX Desert Eagle. With many variants being made and this blaster constantly being updated and improved, you are getting the best possible bang for your buck. Blacked out, badass looking and consistent, what more could you ask for? The Desert Eagle is a staple blaster to both old and new blaster geeks. It's reliability and looks trump many other blasters.

    Blaster Features
    • Fully Blacked Out
    • Front and Rear Iron Sights
    • Gel Ball Magazine Capacity of 20 Gels
    • One for One Replicated Branding and Labelling
    • Blowback Slide Feature
    • (Full Auto)
    • Construction: High Quality ABS
    In The Box

    1 x New RX Desert Eagle Gel Blaster Toy Gun
    1 x Safety Glasses
    1 x Magazine
    1 x USB Charging Cable
    1 x 7.4v Battery 
    1 x Starter Gel Pack (only 500 gels)
    1 x Gel Ball Bottle

    Fire Power

    Velocity: 140-150 Feet Per Second (FPS)

    Extra Magazines Click Here



RX Desert Eagle V4 (Blacked Out) - Gel BlasterRX Desert Eagle V4 (Blacked Out) - Gel Blaster