M4 Ranger - (Metal) Gel Blaster

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M4 Ranger - (Metal) Gel Blaster

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    The All New "M4 Ranger" is the latest addition to our website in our "Rifle" Range. Sporting a full metal receiver and gearbox this blaster has a solid weight and feel to it for the ultimate experience and performance. Running a unique Nylon handguard which is very eye catching and will turn heads when you're out on the field this blaster is definitely out of the norm.  Coming in at a solid 260-280 feet per second this is a perfect base model blaster to customise and make what you want of it, the power is in your hands!

    The Ranger has great internals and a solid V2 metal gearbox, giving you unlimited limits to upgrades and modifications to suit your game play.

    If you are looking for a kick ass blaster, then the Ranger is the one for you! Quality and weight are second to none, and we cannot recommend this blaster enough.

    Blaster Features
    • Metal V2 Gearbox with Metal Gears
    • Full Metal Rack Piston
    • Solid Nylon Buttstock
    • Nylon Handguard
    • Metal Sensitive Trigger
    • Silver Wire with Tamiya Plug
    • Metal Inner and Outer Barrel
    • Metal Flash Hider
    • Compatible with "Wells Magazines"
    • Metal Iron sight
    • Alloy CNC Metal Receiver 
    • Nylon 10" Handguard
    • 480 Long High Speed Motor
    In The Box

    1 x New "M4 Ranger" Gel Blaster Toy Gun
    1 x Wells Gel Ball Magazine 
    1 x Black Metal Flash Hider
    1 x 7.4v Li-on Rechargeable Battery 
    1 x USB Charging Cable

    Fire Power

    Velocity: 260-280 Feet Per Second (FPS)

    Extra Magazines


M4 Ranger - (Metal) Gel BlasterM4 Ranger - (Metal) Gel BlasterM4 Ranger - (Metal) Gel BlasterM4 Ranger - (Metal) Gel BlasterM4 Ranger - (Metal) Gel Blaster