Jefftron Leviathan V2 Bluetooth Mosfet
Jefftron Leviathan V2 Bluetooth Mosfet
Jefftron Leviathan V2 Bluetooth Mosfet
Jefftron Leviathan V2 Bluetooth Mosfet
Jefftron Leviathan V2 Bluetooth Mosfet

Jefftron Leviathan V2 Bluetooth Mosfet

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Jefftron Leviathan V2 Bluetooth Mosfet


NOTE** When you purchase this mosfet please do not update to the latest update as it will forfeit your ability to use this product or connect it to your phone. Due to a current ongoing problem we ask you to leave the current update you have on this product otherwise it will void your warranty or ability for us to exchange if damaged.

This Leviathan V2 is a processor controlled mosfet with Bluetooth communication. Fully programmable via Bluetooth from an app on your smartphone. Change shooting modes, controls RoF, pre-cocking, active braking, low battery indication, statistics etc. Everything is controlled via application in the smartphone (iOS and Android).

Device is fully integrated inside the gearbox version 2 instead of the original trigger contacts. Comes with completely made wires to stock and to magazine terminals with mini fuse and deanT connector — no soldering required.

The Leviathan has 2 x mosfets which have the highest rated current carrying capacity on the market. A fully programmable microprocessor controls the driving and braking mosfets. The microprocessor also analyses the operation to provide crucial data required to fine tune your equipment and logs faults to aid in diagnosing operational errors should they occur. Fault logs are saved on the device and can be viewed via the app.

The Leviathan has a built in temperature sensor and adjustable electronic fuse to prevent damage from overloading. As a further failsafe to protect the device and battery from short circuit a micro blade fuse is fitted in the battery wires.


This version of the Leviathan comes with the magazine circuits, which are required to be soldered. It comes with a small instruction manual explaining how to do so. It is very easy.

  1. Significant improvements of ROF and ability to pull larger springs with less heat created over standard equipment.'
  2. Increase the life of LiPo batteries and protect them from damage and from blowing up.
  3. Fine tune your equipment on the fly, at games or during testing instantaneously via app control from your smartphone using Bluetooth. This feature is unique to the Leviathan and makes achieving the best operating parameters for your blaster simple and quick.
  4. View statistics on power consumption, ROF and a whole range of data crucial to tuning your equipment via the App in real time.
  5. Built in failsafe: the Leviathan comes with a mini-blade fuse and an electronic fuse to protect your investment from damage due to overloading.
  6. Adjustable trigger: the Leviathan comes with an Adjustable CNC trigger made by RetroArms. A set screw adjusts the position of the trigger and the degree of movement required to fire your blaster. Fine tune this to suit your requirements. 

Whilst optical sensors that are used on other brands of FCU (Fire Control Unit) might be suitable for AirSoft they are limited in Gel Blasters why? Gel Blasters are frequently used in Full Auto because the ammunition is cheap and environmentally friendly, also because it's fun and to hit anything you need to shoot a lot more gels!

Constant and rapid cycling of the Mechbox creates excessive heat and wear on internal components without adequate lubrication. Optical sensors fail to operate when obscured by lubricants, subsequently using such devices means you cannot adequately lubricate a mechbox with an FCU that uses optical sensors. The Leviathan uses mechanical switches that operate flawlessly when covered in lube. We have Blasters that have worn out gear sets, motors, pistons and about every other moving part but the Leviathan keeps on operating flawlessly.


Motors that have not been adequately insulated at the factory can cause a short circuit which will damage the Leviathan during operation. We strongly recommend that ALL motors new or old are thoroughly tested prior to installation to avoid causing damage that is NOT COVERED by warranty. At the very least remove the brush contacts from the motor and ensure there is no continuity between the two brush plates.

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