GBU Custom Rifle Stand

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GBU Custom Rifle Stand

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    Do you own a GBU custom blaster? of do you simply want to showcase your blaster at home as a trophy? Well now you can with the new GBU high quality 3D printed rifle stands.

    These stands are perfect for any style and weight of blaster, the perfect construction makes it strong enough to suite any front or rear end heavy blasters you have have.

    It gets better, the top of the stand imitates a real magazine so you have the gel feed hole and the mag terminal block to protect your blaster when you place it on the stand to avoid your mage terminals from crushing.

    This stand also has the function of a real gel blaster magazine as the stand actually clicks in like a real mag and you need to eject the blaster to release the stand.


    - All Gel blaster rifles
    - Pistols with GBU  Hi-Capa Adaptors


GBU Custom Rifle StandGBU Custom Rifle StandGBU Custom Rifle StandGBU Custom Rifle Stand