DKJ16 Hop Up (Universal)

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DKJ16 Hop Up (Universal)

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    A very high quality hop up built for high FPS builds for ultimate accuracy and distance. Compatible with all gel blasters with extended barrels to alloy the fitting of the hop up. 

    What Is and How Does a Hop Up Work?

    1. Universal fit for all standard barrel sizes except WELLS barrels.
    2. Simple but very effective
    3. It comes with the mounting grub screw and adjustment grub screw as well as the required hex key.
    4. Increase distance and accuracy A LOT!
    5. Forces the balls to backspin. Also can control left a right swing by rotating it.
    6. Eliminates gel ball arc.
    7. Will work best with the barrel upgrade.
    How to install:
    1. Take off flash hider or suppressor and push the hop up onto the barrel then tighten the grub screws in. Be aware not to tighten to hard to avoid threaded or damaging the barrel, just tighten enough for it not to move left or right.

    2. Then adjust the front lip up or down until you find the accuracy of your shots are where you would like them.

DKJ16 Hop Up (Universal)