AKA Alloy Hop Up (Long)

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AKA Alloy Hop Up (Long)

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    AKA brand is now behind some of the best quality products on the market and now brings you their metal hop ups.

    This hop up is great for those smaller flash hiders where you don’t want the Hop Up to stick out with length being only 39mm.

    What Is and How Does a Hop Up Work?

    Hop Up Specifications
    1. Made from Alloy For Maximum Strength.
    2. Will Increase the Accuracy and Distance of Your Gel Blaster.
    3. Adjustable via a Grub Screw.
    4. Compatible 9.5mm Size Inner Barrel.
    5. To reach the best performance, you need to insert this Hop Up onto the barrel roughly 10mm.
AKA Alloy Hop Up (Long)AKA Alloy Hop Up (Long)