DK J10 Hop Up 14mm Reverse Thread

DK J10 Hop Up 14mm Reverse Thread

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DK J10 Hop Up 14mm Reverse Thread

$25.00 $22.50

Jinming Gen10 ACR, Gen 9, Atomic armoury metal & wells metal compatible DK DJ Printed Hop Up.

What Is and How Does a Hop Up Work?

  1. Uses for Jinming J10 ACR or M4 - Adjustable topspin
  2. Simple but effective
  3. It comes with the mounting grub screw and adjustment grub screw as well as the required hex key.
  4. Increase distance and accuracy A LOT!
  5. Forces the balls to backspin. Also can control left a right swing by rotating it.
  6. Eliminates gel ball arc.
  7. Will work best with the barrel upgrade.
How to install:
  1. The mouth of the acr muzzle is threaded, and the thread of hup up that is screwed up can be screwed directly.

  2. The ‘O’ Ring sent between the hop up and the ACR gun muzzle, which is stable.